About the Company

BARTER S.A. is a 100% Polish owned company thriving in the power industry. The company’s core activities include the sale and distribution of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), liquefied natural gas (LNG) and fertilisers. We have been active in this sector since as far back as 1999. Our distribution chain covers the whole country, but we also find customers in other European Union countries. We use a specialist fleet of lorries and vans. Our staff consists of experienced coordinators, who know how to meet, in a professional manner, the expectations of even the most demanding customers. BARTER S.A. is a reliable business partner.

BARTER  S.A. owns a transhipment terminal in Sokolka, which is mainly used for the transhipment, storage and distribution of liquefied gas, coal and mineral fertilisers. The terminal is perfectly suited for the transhipment of goods from (Russian) broad-gauge wagons onto European means of rail and road transport and storage in tanks, storage halls and stacking yards. We also provide comprehensive customs clearance (bonded warehouse) services. Since 2017 the company has an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO)’s licence.

BARTER S.A. sells gas through two main distribution channels: either in bulk in tank wagons or tankers and in 11kg and 33kg large steel LPG cylinders or in tourist gas cylinders and specialist gas cylinders for fork-lift trucks. BARTER S.A. operates a chain of more than hundred LPG stations and gas cylinder points of sale.

BARTER S.A. runs a number of LPG filling stations, situated in Barczewo, Bydgoszcz, Sokolka, Kutno and Zary, which are fitted with modern equipment and process lines, liquefied gas storage tanks, its own sidings with points of transhipment, modern tankers to transport liquefied gas and vans to transport gas cylinders and coal.
Our customers are major companies from the gas industry and industrial corporations. BARTER S.A. business partners include both LPG station operators and individuals that use gas an energy carrier.

In 2005 Barter S.A. obtained an Integrated Management System certificate covering the requirements of two systems: quality management and ISO 9001. For our customers, the implementation of these systems means a guarantee of attention to quality and a proof of caring about the environment.