We retail in liquefied gas through our storage facilities scattered all across the country.

We offer our customers an EN-589 compliant product of premium quality, which is confirmed by certificates issued by accredited laboratories worldwide.

We have a fleet of several dozen vehicles. They are modern, large, high-performance and GPS-monitored tankers, which makes our LPG supply quick, reliable and safe.

Our customers are LPG stations owned both by chains and individual operators. 

We ensure:

  • supply of LPG nationwide
  • round-the-clock ordering from a dedicated supply coordinator in your area
  • punctuality, reliability and security of supply
  • highest product quality compliant with applicable standards and certified by an independent, reputable laboratory
  • competitive pricing
  • professional customer care

As part of cooperation, we offer our customers technical support for their LPG stations. We also provide technical assistance on how to build your own LPG station.    

We provide:

  • internal inspections of tanks above and under the ground,
  • safety valve checks,
  • repairs to LPG station and other pumps,
  • legalisation of station pumps and tankers