Mineral Fertilisers

BARTER S.A. produces and imports mineral fertilisers from former CIS countries (predominantly from Belarus and Russia). We cooperate with the biggest and best manufacturers of potassium, nitrogen and compound fertilisers such NPK. The NPK fertilisers we offer feature high concentrations of nutrients and very good water solubility rates, which makes them more readily absorbable to plants. The composition of the compound fertilisers is adapted to specific needs of customers. Nitrogen fertilisers include primarily urea ammonium nitrate solution and urea N46.

We offer the following fertilisers:

  • nitrogen fertilisers – urea prills and granulate
  • liquid nitrogen fertilisers (including but not limited to urea ammonium nitrate solution)
  • compound fertilisers such as NPK (NPK 8/19/29, NPK 6/16/35)

Fertilisers are packed into bags with colourful Polish labelling showing the Piast brand.

Available packaging:

  • 50kg polyethylene bags on pallet
  • 500kg BIG BAG polypropylene bags

The fertilisers have a CE mark certificate issued by Polskie Centrum Badan i Certyfikacji S.A., which permits them to be sold throughout Poland and Europe.

The sales are done through the transhipment terminal in Sokolka (16-100). You can collect ordered goods, or we can ship them to any place in Poland or abroad.