Transhipment Terminal

We have a transhipment terminal in Sokolka, near the border crossing to Belarus: Bruzgi/Kuznica Bialostocka. We provide services involving transhipment, customs clearance and railway shipping of goods from broad-gauge onto normal gauge wagons or lorries or vice versa as well as storage of goods.

We offer transhipment of:

  • liquefied gas
  • mineral fertilisers
  • coal, including its sorting
  • aggregate
  • woodchips
  • technical salt
  • metallurgical products
  • steel
  • other palletised goods, either in big or standard bags


Barter Film from 4E on Vimeo.


Sokolka Transhipment Terminal
Os. Buchwalowo 2
16-100 Sokolka
Phone 85 72 29 500
Fax 85 72 29 502